I ride and race bike across several disciplines, Enduro, Downhill and Dual / Pump track races. 2016 has been about trying lots of new things so I have competed in my first ever Enduro World series, Raced Crank Worx, Travelled and ridden my bike in Canada and spent the summer focusing on making inspiring videos. I have recently started self filming and editing videos and plan to do lots more of this. 

Im a big advocate for female inclusion across all sports and being able to inspire more girls to go out a be brave is a major goal for me. I think mountain biking gives you confidence, and the freedom to live a life you love, as well as keeping you fit and healthy which is a bonus! 

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Iʼm active in both social and traditional media. Iʼm currently working on 2 new videos out in 2016 with Tom Caldwell and Tom Grundy; we have some original and exciting concepts that means the videos will stand out amongst the crowd.
My social media followings across all platforms are on the rise as I take a more professional and calculated approach. I regularly upload original photo and video content offering a snapshot into my life.

Iʼm a Strongher ambassador along with Manon Carpenter and Marianne Voss. Promoting womens involvment in cycling is really important to me and I make every effort to be positively outspoken and inspiring to both girls who ride and girls who may want to try.