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Highgate Gardens

Highgate Gardens needed a simple classy branding package and website to showcase their beautifully maintained clients gardens and veg patches. We took time to develop a simple logo inspired by Leon’s grandmas garden gates!

When Leon contacted me to help create a Logo and brand guidelines for his Garden Maintenance service I was excited to have the opportunity to help build a brand from scratch. Highgate Gardens cliental are based around the suburbs of London and his services range from simply cutting a lawn to full scale maintenance of the plants on private estates.

He was keen to differentiate himself from more heavy weight landscaping services around him and have a softer more classic looking branding. He wanted his branding to speak to his larger clients but also feel simple, modern and fresh enough for smaller clients simply looking for a hand cleaning their patio or moving the lawn! We used wrought Iron gates and the idea of 'a stamp of authenticity' as inspiration and pulled a colour palette from photos Leon had taken himself. 

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