Im Interning!

Since I left university I have mainly been working as a freelance designer and printer however its easy to retain bad habits when you work on your own and its also easy to stay in your comfort zone. 

This winter I started to have a think about what my skills were and how they could be improved, what would I find scary and uncomfortable, how could I further my learning? As well as this I wanted to expand my horizons a bit, but at the same time streamline my interests by starting to get some experience working directly with the industry I love - Bicycles!  So bike riding, journalism, and design have all come together along with some skills that daunt me slightly - digital media, fast paced digital based design, and social media marketing, in an internship at Shift Active Media. 

Im sitting in an office, but its ok because I'm with loads of rad people who all love bikes and are great fun to be around and I'm learning loads. So far I've been tinkering with the GMBN Instagram, and learning about Youtube trafficking. 

If you haven't heard of GMBN (Global Mountain Bike Network) you should check out their Youtube Channel here and follow us on the GMBN Instagram (Go on! - It'll make me look good ;P )