What do we offer at pencil mountain studio 


Custom logos, illustration, typography and surface design - murals, digital, for print, screen printing and textiles. 


Branding packages and strategy 



Social media and content marketing material and consultancy 

We are a small but perfectly formed creative studio who take a critical and creative approach to every new project. Our skills span from custom illustration and graphic design to spatial design and content marketing.


We believe that strong branding is best achieved by taking a holistic approach, tackling not only the logo, website and business cards, but but by translating the brand message into every element of the brand experience. This may manifest itself in spatial design, content marketing material, or even complete brand strategy. 


Approaching every new project with a critical and creative attitude we aim to

Our service spans from complete 


Pencil Mountain is a small but perfectly formed creative studio aiming to make the smallest starting point our biggest idea yet. With a focus on story telling and creative thinking we


We work across the borders of Branding design, custom illustration and typography, spatial design and even video marketing content. Its our priority to make your brand story as robust as possible